I have been a state licensed and nationally certified massage therapist since 2002.  I originally graduated from Florida College of Natural Health with an A.S. in Natural Health, with a concentration in Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care.  I have since finished my bachelor’s degree with Clayton College of Natural Health.  In addition, I have taken numerous continuing education courses in massage therapy over the years.  I specialize in the Arvigo Technique of Maya Abdominal Therapy®(ATMAT), therapeutic, pregnancy, infant and pediatric, lymphatic, and the Raindrop Technique® massage.  I am now focusing my massage practice on abdominal massage and ATMAT® for Pregnancy and non Pregnancy. I will incorporating the other modalities as needed on an individual basis.  All of the oils and products I use in treatments are organic and all natural, for the health of ourselves and for our mother earth.  I hold very high standards of integrity and professionalism for myself, for my profession, and for my clients.  I look forward to working with you or a loved one in the near future!

-Angie Roherty, LMT