"Angie creates a beautiful, elegant atmosphere that supports my relaxation and letting go. I especially appreciate the care and presence she brings to the abdominal work she integrates into her massages with me. After a session I feel nourished, relaxed, and warm and happy inside." - JT, Viroqua, WI


“Angie Roherty is more than a professional massage therapist, she is a true healer. Her technique is unsurpassed and her intuitive sense uncanny. Cognizant of the interdependence between body and mind, Angie is devoted to holistic treatment. For two years of countless massage, Angie has consistently provided miraculous liberation from anxiety and alleviation of pain. I am forever indebted for my relief and I will continue to see Angie exclusively.” - GE, Madison, WI


"I have been seeing Angie for several years. We started working on chronic shoulder & back pain issues and progressed to a customized Raindrop/Maya abdominal treatment. She has done wonders for my pain and other issues. She works with me to find just the right combination of oils and massage. She even worked on my husband and he agrees with me that She is AWESOME!!!" - SF, Madison, WI


“Angie gives the best pre-natal massages in town. I saw her during my first pregnancy and now through the second. Unlike a lot of massage therapists that DON’T know how to give pre-natal massages and end up just laying you down on those silly tables with the holes cut out and trying to give you a regular massage, Angie is very mindful to use pillows, cushions, and props to keep you comfortable and give you a full body massage with particular attention to the areas that the pregnant body often needs the most. The only downside is the cost– if I could afford it I would be there every week!”  - Anonymous


"Angie did a fabulous job with me yesterday and made several really good suggestions for things I could be doing to improve some health concerns I have. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a massage and took several business cards. Loved the abdominal massage too – never had that before. I am gong to coming in more regularly!!!!!!!!!!!" - PP, Madison, WI


“Living for 10 years with neck and abdominal muscle pain had left me depressed and sleep deprived. I sit in a wheelchair all day and the pain I was experiencing made it difficult to do that and carry on my daily activities. I was unable to eat what I wanted, my energy levels were so low and I was exhausted from my lack of sleep. I decided to come see Angie for massage and her gentle touch alleviated my symptoms immediately. Angie used essential oils during the massage and recommended digestive enzymes to help with my abdominal pain. Massage has now become one of my routine body maintenance procedures along with acupuncture. Massage with essential oils is a weekly appointment for me. My muscle tightness and neck pain are 75% better, my abdominal pain has disappeared completely, and my sleep schedule has improved ten-fold. I would recommend massage and essential oils to anyone!”   - KZ, Madison, WI