Bloated? Constipated? Tired of painful periods?

Are you looking for support to experience an optimal pregnancy? 

Or, do you just want to take charge of your own health?!

If you put the work into yourself, your own health, it will pay off and the benefits are long lasting.

Imagine your body, specifically your digestive system, being the "soil in your garden." Healthy soil is the basic groundwork you need to have a thriving garden. To have healthy and thriving soil, It takes time, effort, and maintenance.  Tending to your own inner garden is work too, but you will build a healthy environment to thrive in.

It can be hard to do it all on your own, so I am here to support you along your journey! 

I offer therapeutic massage with a focus on abdominal therapy, pregnancy, and lymphatic massage.

My 3 month program, Rest and Digest, offers dietary and wellness coaching along with massage treatments, to help you balance and harmonize your digestion and overall health. By starting with your center, your digestion, you are starting with the soil and groundwork for your well being. This is for anyone wanting to put their health into their own hands. The combination of massage with dietary and wellness guidance is invaluable.  

I also offer a monthly self care wellness workshop.  You will learn about your body, a self care massage routine with a guided meditation, and learn lots of other ways you can take care of yourself, for your health and happiness. And, there will be teas and healthy treats of course : ) Anyone can attend the class. You can apply it towards your initial appointment or join as a refresher course too!

You're just a click away from contacting me, setting up your own appointment, or signing up for a workshop to start your journey with me.